911 calls, Los Angeles City Fire Station #87, My Personal Odyssey

4 News Story

Channel 11 News – Metrolink Survivor

4 News Interview with Raymond

ABC News Story

Channel 9 News

My Personal Odyssey


Once you’ve read The Railroaded,
you’ll know me better than most of
your neighbors! This was never my intent.
However; to speak as honestly as possible,
I had to tell the story of the Metrolink train
crash from my point of view. Since I rode
in the first passenger car behind the train’s
engine, I had the right vantage point to see
this happen that warm summer afternoon
in September.

About JiT Publishing

JiT Publishing

Just in time Publishing

I formed this company for the following purposes:

  1. Print The Railroaded (locally whenever possible)
  2. Print one T Shirt (with personalization upon request)
  3. Create TheeRailroaded.com, and .Info (for communications)
  4. Pay for it all
  5. Give the book profits to The RKC Trust
  6. Give something meaningful to ALL AMERICANS to ponder.